Luxshe Luminous Backpack

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Imagine being able to spread joy and delight everywhere you go, while also being able to carry everything you need for the day. This is now a reality with the most colorful backpack you will ever add to your wardrobe. It’s quite literally like carrying a rainbow on your back with all of your essentials inside.🌈

Size in inches (13.38”H X 11.41”W X 5.9”D)

Size in cm (34cm H X 29cm W X 15cm D)

Designed with the popular Luxshe geometric shard pattern

Luxshe polyester interior lining with 1 internal pocket with zip and 2 open pockets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best purchase ever!

This is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Get compliments every time I wear it out, and it’s definitely unique. I’ve never seen anyone else wearing a bag like mine. I love it! Plus it’s good quality, and the straps haven’t frayed at all yet. It’s gorgeous in the light and the dark

My wifey is happy

Bought this amazing backpack and wallet for my wife and now she is shining :)

Definitely went over my expectations

Ok so I don’t usually get sucked into Facebook adds but this was obviously an intriguing product...
It did NOT disappoint! As soon as I pulled it out of the box I could tell it was quality material, which was actually surprising considering the reasonable price. Within minutes the entire fam was huddled around it oooohing and aaahing at how cool it was, and taking lots of videos and pictures. I was worried it would be too flashy to take to work but it totally passes as unassuming with a wow factor.
After a few days I noticed a defect, very small but I knew it would bug me. I messaged the Luxshe team and they were soon shipping me a new one and letting me keep the other one! Going to give it to my daughter, the defect is so small she would never notice...
Five stars, all the way!!!


Amazing quality, easily my favorite backpack! Fits my MacBook Pro AND secondary laptop, and entire purse...can’t wait to purchase more from this collection!

8 Months, still great!

I get loads of compliments on this backpack, even from manly men who say if they were a woman, they would carry this bag. I bought it for festivals but ended up liking it so much and using it as my main bag for months, including a trip to Canada. It’s roomier than I thought, can hold my ipad pro 12.9 and work stuff. But when i’m carrying a lighter load, it collapses into a manageable size. After months of heavy use, the fabric draw cord has frayed and one of the plastic pull ends fell off, but all easy fixes. And for a £30 backpack, I’ve been very pleased. Worth mentioning I am a London dweller and by use, I mean this has held up to subway and city life abuse. buy it!

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