Luxshe Luminous Wallet

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  • Unique reflective geometric shards design that constantly changes it's colour based on the angle and strength of the light exposure. We've tried to create it as magical as possible but it wouldn't glow on it's own 😊
  • The interior of the wallet is made of vegan faux leather and it's designed in a stylish way that also makes it easy for you to store all of your cards, money and even your phone
  • Eight card sized pockets and a large one that can easily fit most of the "Plus" sized phones
  • Two window card sized pockets
  • One pocket with a zipper lock positioned between two cash pockets

One wallet many colours

Experience all the beautiful colors of the Luminous Wallet when light shines on the unique geometric shard design.

Customer Reviews

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Really cool

This is a great little clutch. Plenty of pockets for items and the inside seems durable. Outside is beautiful and feels cool too. Love it. The bright photo is unrealistic but that’s what it looks like when the flash was on my phone. Looked too good to not post. The other photo is without flash or any real light.

Cute, stylish, and true to description! I love it!

I LOVE this wallet! The detail is gorgeous, and the design is really pretty! I'm so glad I bought this for myself!

I love the smooth leather-like material the interior is made out of. All my credit cards, insurance cards, etc. fit perfectly fine. I also love how much space the interior has! It could even fit my phone if I wanted it to.

The exterior is a really pretty charcoal grey in regular light, but turns so many beautiful colors in certain lighting situations, especially using a flash on a camera or phone.

I did also include a picture of the wallet with my hand, for sizing reference if anyone needs it. I think it's the perfect size for everything I need to carry by itself, and still fit comfortably in my messenger style purse.

I've only had it for one day, and I've already received so many compliments on it! Several friends and coworkers have already asked where I got it.

Thank you so much for the great product! Will definitely buy again!

It's simply amazing!

Usually I am not the person that leaves reviews but this is something else.. I can't say how many times a day I get compliments on my wallet, it's literally a magnet and it's so beautiful in all of it's colours. Also being able to fit my phone inside is awesome! <3

My fav wallet

I am absolutely in love with this wallet and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I can't stop watching it how it changes it's colour all the time :D

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